New call for CTA, union to meet

February 19, 2010 3:31:56 PM PST
CTA workers laid off in the recent round of budget cuts joined Father Michael Pfleger Friday in calling for the unions to give back raises to help save jobs.

Father Pfleger is appealing to the unions representing transit workers to meet with the agency's management to help resolve a $95 million budget deficit. Nearly 1100 bus drivers and rail operators were laid off earlier this month in addition to a reduction of service.

Calling it a crisis, Father Pfleger says everybody needs to give in and care for the whole. "The unions need to say what can we do keep these union members, who pay into union dues, who paid into pension. What can we do to keep them working? The CTA needs to look and see what it can do," said Fr. Michael Pfleger, activist.

Neither side has met since service cuts started on February 7th.

So far the union is not budging on the transit authority's request to give back this year's salary increase and accept unpaid furlough days.