Heavy, wet snow coats Chicagoland area

February 22, 2010 10:01:32 AM PST
The worst is over- and this storm wasn't all that bad, dumping just enough snow to make a messy morning commute.

The heavy, wet snow coated Chicagoland area roads and sidewalks so snow-fighting trucks and snow-shoveling residents had their work cut out for them Monday morning.

The northwest suburbs got a bit more accumulation than the city.

"It's February. How much longer can it last?" said David Green.

For those stuck with shoveling and snow blowing duties, it wasn't nearly as much as predicted. The heavy nature of the snow certainly made it harder to clear up.

"Tougher, yes. For young people, it's ok. But it's heavy. I'm glad we didn't get as much as they predicted. Ten inches of this would have been a mess," said Larry Siers

Several spinouts were reported, most were minor accidents. Many drivers said the snow didn't really impact their commute.

"Not really because I'm used to this commute and typically they keep the highways pretty clear," said Xavier Pillai.

"Took me about 10 minutes to clear off my car," said Caesar Garcia.

No flight delays were reported at O'Hare and Midway airports. There could be a few flurries this afternoon, but no major accumulation.