Gallery gives artists chance to showcase their work

March 4, 2010 10:03:14 AM PST
A local gallery is giving Chicago's artists with disabilities an opportunity to showcase their work.

It has become an annual month-long event. Judy A. Saslow Gallery is known to promote self-taught artists. The month of December is dedicated to Chicago-area artists with disabilities from local organizations.

These are among the best artworks from artists representing five different not-for-profit organizations in Chicago serving people with various of disabilities.

The organizations represented here are El Valor, Esperanza, the Nathan and Kiyoko Lerner Foundation, Thresholds, Project Onward and the Arts of Life.

Amy Cheesman is the gallery's associate director.

"Each organization works with artists and decides which pieces of their they want to show, depending on which one they like and which ones the artist is proud of," said Amy.

Although the event takes place in December, Amy said, "They should start as soon as possible, and definitely contact any of the organizations too, because they definitely help them show here as well as other places."

Proceeds from all sales goes toward the organization and artists.

ABC 7 asked Amy what her favorite piece is.

"I love the guns here," she said. "I love the images and the color. I think it's creative and fun. It would be something that I would love to hang in my apartment."

"I love that when that when the artist comes in to see their artworks on the wall it makes them very happy, very proud. They walk around with their friends and their family and show that they have an art show, and it's just great to see them so excited," said Amy.

As Amy said, now is the time to start working on pieces for this coming December.

Organizations interested in this event should get in touch with Judy Saslow Gallery. For more information go to or call (312) 943-0530.