March 7, 2010: Military Issues

March 8, 2010 9:03:07 AM PST
Our guest--to discuss a series of important questions involving the military--is a Northwestern University award-winning author, military analyst, and historian: Prof. Michael Sweeney.

Last week the Navy announced it will for the first time let women serve on submarines. Also last week, the Army said it's re-evaluating the role of women in that service.

And an Army general and the Pentagon's top attorney testified at a U.S. House hearing that they will conduct a thorough, objective assessment of don't ask-don't tell.

Our issues will include the role of women in the military, don't ask-don't tell for gays & lesbians in the military, whether we should re-instate the draft to make the military more representative of society, and whether we still need--and can afford-- all three parts of the U.S. triad of massive retaliation: missiles based on ships and submarines, land-based missiles, and air power.