Chicagoans spring into outdoor activities

March 17, 2010 3:00:14 PM PDT
Luck of the Irish! Chicago temperatures soared into the 60s on St. Patrick's Day.

Chicagoans sprung into action along the lakefront and in parks across the city on Wednesday.

"Beautiful day. Bikini season is coming up. You know, you got to get ready," said Lauren Romanowski, jogger. "A lot of people worry about the bills, work. I'm just taking a few minutes to enjoy what Chicago really has to offer," said Christopher Vega, skateboarder. Parks are filled with parents and children enjoying the warm weather.

"We're out because it is just a gorgeous day. It's too nice to be inside the house," said Brandy Walker, parent.

"It feels great. It has been a long winter especially when you have been stuck at home with a little son most of the winter," said Jeff Davis, parent.

And it's not too early for gardens to grow, according to Gethsemane Garden.

"Now is the time to get your gardens, lawns and terraces in shape," said John Eskandari, Gethsemane Garden Center. "You can plant any kind of leaf plant outside. You can do a tree, a shrub, as long as you can get your shovel into the ground and can dig. I would plant any dormant plant. You can put day lilies in right now, and spring blooming bulbs in right now."

There are a number of products that can be used right now on plants and flowers.

We're trying to use more mulches and things that are better for the environment. What I would tell people today is if your irrigation system is on, any woody plant you have you should start watering it. The rain and snow we get is generally not enough moisture to get the trees or shrubs kicked off," said Eskandari.