Girl, 13, sexually assaulted on SE Side

April 15, 2010 4:59:14 AM PDT
Chicago police are investigating the sexual assault of a teenage girl on the city's Southeast Side. The victim is 13 years old. She told police she was attacked by two men.

The incident happened Monday morning. The teenager was in the 9300-block of South Greenwood, when she was forced into a truck and taken to a location several blocks away, where she was assaulted.

Chicago Police have passed out flyers in the Burnside neighborhood looking for two men who abducted the girl Monday morning at 9.a.m.

"It is a tragedy. How could this happen at 9 a.m. when there are so many people out here? Someone had to see something," said Carolyn Jones, Burnside resident.

Police say two men in a black four-door truck followed the victim as she walked in the 9300-block of South Greenwood and attempted lure her inside their vehicle.

The offenders grabbed and forced the child inside the truck and drove her to the 2400-block of East 100th Street where she was sexually assaulted.

"It is very upsetting. I have three little girls. Why did the police not catch this?" said Loinda Jones, Burnside resident.

Calumet Area detectives have provided sketches of the offenders. One is described as a black man, 20-25 years old, 5'4"-5'5", weighing between 120-130 pounds, wearing black dreadlocks with light brown ends, a mustache and a goatee, and wearing two earrings. The second is described as a black man, 20-25 years old, 5'4-5'5", weighing 120-130 pounds with hazel eyes and short black hair.

"It is unfortunate it happened considering all the cameras that should have prevented her from being abducted. Beef up security for our children," said Turron Clayton, resident.

Some residents say the neighborhood is unsafe.

"It is a rough area, a lot of gangs and crimes going on," said Tate McKinney, resident.

Burnside residents are asking for more police presence in the neighborhood.