How to bargain like a pro

May 20, 2010 Save money by 1. making it or doing it yourself; 2. choosing and buying carefully; 3. fixing it; 4. avoiding waste; and 5. saving for the future.

· THRIFTY HOME: Make your own green cleaning products. Invest in a real toolbox, learn a few basic fixes, and save big coin. Weatherproof the windows, fill the freezer, and lower your energy bills. Think like a decorator, create an inviting home for less. Psst: Care for an Old-Fashioned? (Pages 3 & 283)

· THRIFTY HEALTH & BEAUTY: Decode beauty-product labels. Indulge in an at-home spa. Work out the kinks in your improvised home/office gym. Hear from doctors and preventative care specialists on ways to maximize your health-and minimize your health care bills. (Page 244)

· THRIFTY KITCHEN & GARDEN: Why knowing your soil is essential to avoiding pricey gardening disasters. Tastier ways to use up those leftovers, and economical ingredients that taste anything but. How to can, pickle, and freeze to reduce waste and eat local on the cheap. (Pages 68 & 112)

· THRIFTY FAMILY: Raising them thrifty in the era of credit cards, cell phones, and instant everything. Entertaining them on the cheap. Resisting the urge to buy, buy, buy for baby. How much you really need to put aside for college. (Page 182)

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