Fans celebrate as Blackhawks win Game 5

June 6, 2010 (CHICAGO) Those who witnessed the victory from inside the United Center were the fortunate ones. Others competed for good seats at bars.

ABC7 asked fan Jason Walsh what time he arrived at a bar to watch the Sunday night game.

"Three o'clock," Walsh said. "So, I could sit here at this table."

After the team dropped two games in Philadelphia, Blackhawks fans were hoping the home crowd could help put the Hawks back on the winning track.

"Did losing those two games in Philly shake your confidence at all?"ABC7 asked fan Odell Woods.

"Not at all," he said. "It has a lot to do with home field advantage. Home ice means a lot."

"[If] you got kids that play hockey, so much enthusiasm for the game. I can feel it. It is time," fan Jane Filek said.

From the beginning, the United Center magic seemed to be working as the Hawks jumped out to a big lead and held on for a huge win.

"It is the first time they played this well in a couple of weeks. This is great. Very exciting," said Greg Shearson, also a fan.

Chicago's own basketball legend Michael Jordan attended Sunday's Blackhawks fame. Some suspect his good karma might have rubbed off on the team.

Blackhawks fans say they hope the Stanley Cup is coming to Chicago and it may not come to a Game 7.

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