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The July 4th holiday is one of the most popular weekends for cooking outdoors. According to the 21st Annual Weber GrillWatch Survey, a comprehensive study on what, where, when, and why Americans grill:

  • Twenty-seven percent of US grill owners say they are cooking outside more often than one year ago. Grill owners are firing up their grill an average of 4.7 hours per week during their grilling season. One-third of grill owners are grilling at least five to six hours a week.
  • The grilling accessory market continues to grow: 32% of American grill owners say they're using grilling accessories (e.g., pizza stones, rib racks, fish baskets, poultry roasters, veggie baskets, thermometers, etc.) more now than in the past.
  • While hamburgers, hot dogs, and steak are still the top three most popular grilled foods, American grill owners would like to be better at grilling beef roasts (22%), whole turkey (18%) and pizza (18%).
  • US consumers are spending significantly more for quality, durability, and more features on their barbecues, according to the ™, the first and foremost

  • Kitchenware retailer Sur La Table can get you started creating a kitchen in your backyard. With stores in Lincoln Park, Naperville and South Barrington, Sur La Table carries BBQ equipment and accessories all year round. You can find new gadgets and problem solving gear, from the Plank Saver which prolongs the life of grill planks, to the Steak Station Thermometer which tracks temperatures in up to four steaks at a time. Check out Sur La Table's Grilling Shop for ingenious ways to make everything from appetizers to desserts on the grill.

    Here are some of the newest gadgets and products for outdoor cooks from beginners to grill gurus. They are available at Sur La Table stores or online at


    Kabob Skewers with Grilling Rack The easiest way to grill kabobs—heavy-duty stainless-steel skewers feature a single flat prong for easy turning, the rack keeps them securely in place on the grill. #666297, $25.00

    Sauce Bucket and Mop Set A great addition to your barbecue toolkit. Perfect for slathering ribs, chicken and more with sauce to marinate or finish on the grill. Steel and plastic tub; all-cotton brush head detaches for easy soaking and cleaning. #666347, $18.00

    Reversible Grill Rack We love this for how easy it makes slow cooking ribs and roasts. A simple way to create more space on the grill, innovative stainless-steel rack lets you use indirect heat to slow-cook up to six slabs of ribs or a large roast on one side of the grill while cooking over the flame on the other. #666206, $20.00

    Stainless Steel Plank Saver A must-have for fans of grill plank cooking. Stainless-steel saver protects grill planks from the flames for longer life. Fits all our Sur La Table grill planks. #667063, $9.95

    Steven Raichlen Double-V Smoker Box Ingenious smoker box lets you add rich, smoky flavor to anything you grill. Easily soak wood chips and transfer them to gas or charcoal grills to add wonderful complex flavors to meat, seafood and more. Just fill the lower compartment with beer, juice or other liquid—stainless-steel smoker boxes drain after soaking for quick transfer to the grill. #668699, $25.00

    Chile Pepper Grill Rack and Corer Easily prep and roast chiles for quick and delicious appetizers. Stainless steel rack is dishwasher safe. Hand wash corer. Holds 18 chiles. #625756, $20.00

    Combination Vertical Roaster and Wok We love this for how easy it makes roasting a delicious chicken. Dual-purpose roasting rack and wok makes cooking an entire meal on the grill virtually effortless. Center cone that supports the bird is easily detached, and stainless-steel wok is perfect for sautéing vegetables. Heavy-gauge steel is dishwasher safe. 12" in diam. #666214, $30.00

    Steven Raichlen Crème Brûlée Set Now you can prepare a dessert classic in the traditional fashion. A fire-heated cast-iron plate called a salamander is an ideal way to achieve crème brûlée's signature crust of caramelized sugar. This technique is brought to the grill with this set. Includes two graceful porcelain-enameled cast-iron ramekins, salamander and recipe card. Each ramekin is 4½". #666230, $30.00

    On-Ice Acrylic Sectioned Bowl Ideal for outdoor entertaining—just fill the lower compartment with ice and place salads, fresh fruits, vegetables and more in the upper bowl. Included servers, removable divider with dip dish and ventilated lid make this an extra-versatile choice. 6 qt. #600734, $34.95

    Steven Raichlen's "Planet Barbecue!" America's grill guru gives you hundreds of wonderful ways to create amazing meals on the grill with his new book, Planet Barbecue! Over 300 grilling recipes from around the world. #678888, $22.95


    Moistly Grilled Cast Iron Grill Humidifier Innovative item is a perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook out. Pre-seasoned cast-iron humidifier lets you grill deliciously moist and tender meat and seafood with amazing results. Just fill the slender cast-iron boxes with water, beer, wine, juices or other liquid and cook. Steam is released, adding moisture, infusing food with complex flavors and keeping it naturally tender. Food retains more natural juices and rich flavor for unforgettable results every time. #661256, $30.00

    Fruit Grill Rack Inventive barbecue tool is a great way to grill apples, peaches and other round fruits to perfection every time. Dishwasher-safe stainless-steel construction. #668947, $12.00

    Master of the Grill Fun, heavyweight cotton canvas apron is screen-printed with "All this and a master of the grill too." Conveniently ties at the waist. One size fits most. 26" x 33". #662056, $19.95

    Barbecue 'Pit Mitt' This ultimate grill mitt is a great way to stay safe and work fast. Thick, heat-resistant (475°F) aramid-and-cotton construction is designed to battle any fire. One size fits most. #662064, $19.95

    Cast Iron Basting Pot with Brush Baste your delicious dishes with homemade sauces made right at the grill. Cast-iron pot distributes and retains heat wonderfully, making it the perfect vessel for making sauces. Included silicone basting-brush spreads your sauce evenly over food. Brush nests in pot handle for easy storage. #625780, $20.00

    Steak Station Digital Meat Thermometer Rare, medium or well-done—Steak Station lets you monitor internal temperatures of up to four steaks at once. Four individual probes ensure every steak gets cooked to its desired degree of doneness every time, on the grill or in the oven. #668954, $30.00

    Steak Button Thermometer Set, Set of 4 Rare? Medium? Well-done? Use these inventive little steak thermometers in the oven or on the grill to determine your desired degree of doneness. Stainless steel and glass. #643569, $20.00

    Sur La Table Dual Thermometer Monitoring temperature is essential to keeping food safe. This versatile thermometer measures surface and internal temperatures quickly and efficiently. Simply point the infrared sensor toward the target and press scan to get a quick reading of surface temperature or flip down the probe to check internal temperatures. Infrared sensor gives instant point-and-shoot surface readings, thermocouple probe reads internal meat and poultry temperatures in seconds with unmatched accuracy and range. #657957, $99.95

    LED Triple Grill Light Handy and bright light is perfect for nighttime grilling. Three powerful and efficient directional LED bulbs illuminate the entire grill surface. Durable plastic case protects light from the weather. Adjustable arm clamps easily to most grill lid handles. Includes cover for added protection from the elements. #668749, $30.00

    Extra-Long Grill Tools The perfect tools for use with a brick oven or charcoal grill. Both feature stay-cool wood handles. Brush comes with two sides of bristles, coarse and fine, to handle any grill cleaning needs. Ash & Charcoal Hoe-#676361, $25.00; Long Grill Brush-#673020, $25.00

    Stainless Steel Barbecue Tools Sleek, ergonomic tools are sized for grilling—the brush has a patented dual handle for extra leverage—and feature rounded pakkawood grips for durability and comfort, plus loop ends for hanging.
    Tongs #583716, $25.00
    Brush #583724, $25.00
    Fish Spatula #666164,$25.00
    Spatula #583708, $20.00

    Small Stainless Steel Grill Grids Easily grill cubed meats, shrimp, small vegetables and more—stainless steel grid prevents small food items from falling through grill grates and into flames. Features sturdy handles for easy lifting and secure transport. Use on gas, charcoal or electric grills. Available in two sizes to accommodate various grills. Food safe. Dishwasher safe. Three-Pieces Set #666503, $44.95

    Perforated Stainless-Steel Grill Woks These grill woks will make you wonder why you don't already have them. Grill prawns, sliced vegetables, mushrooms and other tasty morsels without anything dropping through the grill grate. Durable stainless steel is dishwasher safe. Two-Piece Set #667949, $34.95

    Sur La Table Cast Iron Grill Presses Great on the grill or in the skillet, our heavy cast-iron presses are an easy way to remove unwanted fat from burgers and sausages, prepare classic chicken al mattone, flatten bacon or create perfect panini. Raised grid pattern creates beautiful grill marks. Stay-cool hardwood handle. Hand wash.
    9" sq. #666339, $25.00
    8¾" x 4½" x 3½" #527721, $13.00

    Three-Tier Collapsible Smoking Rack Triple your grill space with this innovative stainless steel rack. Use indirect heat to slow-cook large slabs of ribs, multiple pieces of chicken and more on one side of the grill while cooking over the flame on the other. Collapses for easy storage and comes apart for cleaning. #659656, $30.00

    TurboQue Smoker Innovative design creates convection-oven cooking for the grill. Turbo-charged smoker easily attaches to side of grill and constantly distributes smoke around food. Reduces cooking time by up to 20%, increases wood smoke flavors in your food and helps retain moisture. #666511, $30.00

    Steven Raichlen Stainless-Steel Paella Pan The ultimate stainless-steel pan for traditional Spanish paella. Customarily cooked in the open air over a hot fire, paella, with its rich mix of meat and seafood flavors, is beautifully enhanced by wood smoke. This wide, shallow pan and the conductivity of stainless steel let the rice absorb the cooking liquid more quickly, and the fire toasts the lower layer, called socarrat, to a crispy golden brown—one of the true delights of this dish. #667071, $39.95

    Steven Raichlen Rubs Flavor that spans the globe. A 4-year, 200,000 mile search for the world's grilling secrets gave Steven the expertise for the nuanced mix of flavors that marks each of his blends. Steven Raichlen Glazes A taste for every taste. Find just the right blend to best capture what you love about barbecue. Steven Raichlen Sauces Created to Steven's exacting standards using his closely guarded recipes each signature sauce is carefully produced in small amounts.

    PizzaQue Grill-Top Pizza Stone Pizza and flatbreads fresh from the grill have a rich smoky flavor traditional ovens can't match. This inventive stone lets you use it both in the grill and in the oven. It features a stainless steel base to protect it from the open flames, and the stone separates from base for use in the oven. It also features a built-in thermometer so you can get the temperature just right. #618306, $90.00

    Stainless Steel Pizza Rocker A favorite of pizza parlors everywhere. Large sharp blade is gently curved to cut through whole pies with a single easy rocking motion. Features an ergonomic hardwood handle and easy-to-clean stainless-steel blade. #674762, $20.00

    PizzaQue Stainless Steel Peel Thin but sturdy stainless-steel peel slips easily under pizzas and breads for quick transfer to and from hot ovens. Inventive locking hardwood handle keeps your hands away from the heat and folds for easy storage. #666305, $25.00

    Shatter-Resistant Blue Dragon Serveware and Dinnerware Stylish and ultra-durable, shatter-resistant serveware and dinnerware are perfect for all your outdoor entertaining. Wonderful for dining outside and attractive enough for everyday use year-round, the collection has the look and feel of traditional artisan ceramics. Each piece comes trimmed with colorful flowers and dragons. Resilient melamine dinnerware and serving pieces feature a handcrafted look. Dishwasher safe.
    9" Plates #671537, $7.95
    11" Plates #671529, $9.95
    Oval Platter-#671578, $19.95
    Serving Tray #671560, $24.95
    Salad Servers, 2-Piece Set # 671503, $6.95
    Serving Bowl #671552, $19.95

    Shatter-Resistant BPA-Free Drinkware BPA-free and perfect for outdoor use, this virtually unbreakable drinkware collection has the look and weight of crystal, with an ultra-clear finish. Resistant to cracking and crazing and safe for dishwasher.
    Pitcher #670950, $19.95
    Glasses, Sold in Sets of 6, $39.95 per set: Wine #670984, Champagne #671404, Pilsner #670992, Highball #670968, Double Old Fashioned #670976

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