Chicagoans showcase latest inventions

Sarah Baldwin with Goodnighties; Amanda Moise with Razor Reach; Annie Tandy with Pocket Dots; Suzy Kogen Friedman with Soft; Al Roth with Clumsee; Edric Sizemore with iSafe; and Larry Beger for iBlink appeared on ABC7 News at 11 a.m. with their latest products.

Goodnighties sleepwear is designed to help the wearer sleep more comfortably. The sleepwear aims to help your body naturally rest and recover while keeping you cool. In addition, Goodnighties' moisture-wicking fabric helps eliminate night sweats due to medications, menopause, illness or stress. The four-way stretch fabric is lightweight, wrinkle resistant, anti-microbial and static-free.

Sarah Baldwin of Highland Park suffered from a "broken internal thermostat" before finding fledgling product Goodnighties. An experienced marketing and communications executive, Baldwin loved her Goodnighties so much that she and her sales-executive husband formed a partnership with the owners of Goodnighties. In February 2010, Sarah's marketing and sales company, Bodacious Enterprises, Inc., became the worldwide marketing and sales group for all things Goodnighties.

Visit to see the full product line or call (256) 656-8755 for more information. Goodnighties sleep shirts, nightgowns, and pajama sets range in price from $29.95 to $69.95 and are available in women's sizes XS (0-2) to 3X (24-26). Goodnighties sleepwear is only available online at

Razor Reach
Razor Reach is an extension handle that allows people to shave while standing upright. Extending the reach of any ordinary razor by up to 18 inches, Razor Reach eliminates the need to bend the back or legs while shaving. The product was designed for pregnant women, post-surgical patients, those suffering from arthritis, back pain, obesity and anyone with restricted movement. Inventor Amanda Moise of Lincoln Park had the idea for Razor Reach during her first pregnancy, when the increasing difficulty of shaving her legs inspired the solution for all people with limited mobility.

Moise and husband/business partner live in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood with their 1 year old daughter, Ellie. In addition to their business venture with Razor Reach, the couple also own and operate vfish (, a women's clothing line which is sold in over 550 stores nationwide, as well as in their flagship retail store, in Lakeview on Clark St.

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Visit for more information. Get the standard Razor Reach 12" extension system and disposable Razor Clip for $14.95. Available online at and in-stores at Bed Bath and Beyond ( and Duane Reade Inc.(

Pocket Dots
Made to work with pregnancy bands, Pocket Dots clip to your back pockets then to your band. Your back stays covered, allowing you to still wear your pre-pregnancy pants without the annoyance of a maternity band slipping up your back. Pocket Dots are cute sticking out from a shirt or can be concealed underneath! Each side of the clip is about the size of a nickel. Coated with enamel, Pocket Dots are chip resistant and made to last. The clip jaws are plastic and will not damage clothing. Pocket Dots can be worn sticking out from a shirt or can be concealed underneath.

When Annie Tandy of Western Springs was pregnant with her son, she loved being able to wear her regular pants with the help of a maternity band. Unfortunately, she found that when she sat down, bent over or even walked around her band slid up her back. With her engineering background and knack for solving problems, Annie was inspired to invent Pocket Dots. Annie's main goal is to help pregnant women feel attractive and carefree without spending a lot of money.

To purchase Pocket Dots, visit or call (708) 557-2593 for more information. Pocket Dots are available in black or nude and come in a pack of two for $6.95. Available online at www.pocketdots.comor in-store at Kustum Kribs, 147 North Northwest Highway, Park Ridge, and The Stork's Cradle, 210 West Wesley Street, Wheaton.

Soft Clothing:
Soft is a clothing line geared towards all children but specifically those with sensitivity to the texture and feel of clothing, a common symptom of Autism, Aspergers, and Sensory Processing Disorder. Soft aims to provide comfort and style for all children. Soft differs from other children's clothing brands in that it provides flat seaming, cotton bio-washed for extra smoothness, encased elastic waistbands that don't pinch, and printed labels that won't irritate the skin. Inventor Suzy Kogen Friedman of Northbrook conducted two years of research to find out the needs of children with clothing sensitivity.

Suzy Kogen Friedman at (847)559-1546 # 330
Jessica Ralli at 347.884.3620 extension is #1. Available M-F 8am to 5 pm CST.
Toll-free Customer Service: 877.976.9889
Fax: 347.710.1469
Websites: and

Both Friedman's brother and sister-in-law have developmental delays. Timmy, their 9-year-old son, was diagnosed with Autism and global developmental delays at age 3. In her hunt to find clothing for Timmy, Suzy had a difficult time finding clothing that wouldn't irritate Timmy. This inspired Suzy to begin researching how to bridge the gap in the children's apparel market and her search eventually led her to partner with Jessica Ralli, the Founder of Soft, in 2008. Suzy is an active member of Autism Speaks and is committed to providing support to dis/Ability organizations as part of the Soft mission.

For more information and to purchase Soft clothing, visit The full line ranges from $10.00 to $28.00 and is available online at or in-store at Little Green Baby, 4654 North Rockwell Street, and LMNOP, 2570 North Lincoln Avenue.

The Clumsee is a handle extension for small digital cameras. The device screws into bottom of any point-and-shoot digital camera, allowing the camera user an easier grip than the small camera itself. It fits on all models of digital cameras to provide extra grip stability and maneuverability. Inventor Al Roth, 89, was inspired to invent the Clumsee after finding it increasingly difficult to hold onto his digital camera.

Roth of Mount Prospect is a World War II U.S. Navy veteran as well as a retired sales representative and professional photographer. He still enjoys taking pictures of his friends and family -- including nine grandchildren. The invention of the Clumsee was a family affair for Roth, who collaborated with a family member who owns a tool and dye company to develop the Clumsee prototype.

For more information, visit www.clumsee.comor call (815) 528-6100. The Clumsee is only available online at, where you can purchase one for $4.99 or three for $9.99.

iSafe Bags
iSafe Backpacks and Bags feature a lightweight, battery-powered audible and visible alarm system that, when activated, signal distress and attract immediate attention in a crisis situation. To activate the iSafe alarm, the user gives a quick tug on the alarm strap to set off the audible alarm and flashing light. The alarm can quickly be silenced and reset by replacing the pin, making the iSafe alarm reusable many times over. The built-in alarm system is shock- and water-resistant for durability.

Inventor Edric Sizemore of Richton Park is a Chicago native. After college he entered the music industry in 1982, leading his R&B group Magun Force to success with a number one hit song, "Share My Love." Sizemore was inspired to create iSafe bags after hearing an ABC news segment about a woman that was brutally raped while walking to her car. This particular tragic story went straight to Sizemore's heart, and he decided that he could take action to make a difference. Subsequently, his research led him to the development of a practical personal security device that people can carry anywhere they go.

To view the full iSafe product line, visit or for more information call (877) 472-3311. Backpacks, messenger bags, and laptop bags range in price from $59.99 - $99.99. iSafe bags are only available online at

iBlink headphones have built-in LED lights that flash in time to the beat of the music the wearer is listening to on their iPod or mp3 player for style and safety at night. iBlink can be used with any personal music player device and feature USB-rechargeable LED lights. Just launched into the market, iBlink was developed by Larry Beger, CEO of Elexa Consumer Products, and Andrea Electronics, who developed the product on the Mercury 5 spacecraft.

Beger's background in consumer products combined with Andrea Electronics' digital expertise led to the iBlink creation for the teen market. Larry has 25 years of experience with consumer product development and came to Elexa in 1993. As the CEO of the company, he is heavily involved in the research and development of all of the Elexa product lines.

To find out more about iBlink, visit iBlink headphones come in a variety of color combinations and can be purchased online for $29.99 for a set.

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