Flu Vaccines

November 7, 2010

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After not feeling well for a few days, wife and mother of 2, Lisa Amoruso, went to the doctor with what she thought was a bad cold, but learned within minutes that she needed to be rushed to the emergency room immediately. From there, everything spiraled downward. Lisa's organs started failing and she was put into an induced coma to help save her life.

Lisa had contracted influenza and was severely ill for approximately 5 months. Lisa's husband, Joe, and their 2 children could only watch as Lisa suffered in the ICU for 45 days. "I tried to put a brave face on for my kids," Joe said. "But it wasn't easy. I needed to be strong for Lisa and the rest of the family."

Things finally started to turn around after a month - Lisa blinked. Although it might not seem like a lot, this was a big step for her. Family and friends were by her side as she slowly recovered from this potentially life-threatening disease. At first, Lisa couldn't even walk. She was admitted to a rehab center where she spent approximately 30 days relearning not only to walk, but also to regain the use of certain muscles, including her arms and hands.

All of this could have been prevented with an influenza vaccination.

"I was a healthy person. I was an active mom - always on the go. I figured if I got sick I could fight it."

Now Lisa knows that anyone can contract influenza. She has joined the Faces of Influenza campaign to spread the word that everyone 6 months of age and older is recommended for an annual influenza vaccination.1

After Lisa woke up from the coma, she learned how much her family suffered while she was unconscious, and that devastated her. For Lisa, getting vaccinated against influenza is not just a way for her to help prevent contracting the disease, but also a small step she can take to help protect her family and avoid having her family go through another tragic experience.

"If you care about your family and your friends, get vaccinated," Lisa said.

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