Weis: Police morale not a problem

January 4, 2011 9:51:25 AM PST
Chicago's police superintendent says the city's lowest homicide rate in more than 40 years is proof that there is not a morale problem within the police department.

Chicago had 435 homicides in 2010, the lowest number since 1965.

Superintendent Jody Weis appeared on ABC7 Chicago Tuesday morning where he addressed critics who claim police morale is low.

"I hear a lot about the morale," Weis said. "When I evaluate the morale in the FBI or the Army, I looked at performance and results because I've never seen a unit that is demoralized achieve great results. That's why I would challenge some of these candidates when you say the department is demoralized. If you don't like me because I'm from the FBI, whatever, fine, but I think it's kind of reckless to say about the department because the department has achieved such results."

Weis adds that the next city administration should have someone they are comfortable with in that position.