Terrier on the mend after rescue from dog-fight ring

January 5, 2011 3:31:29 PM PST
An injured dog that was almost dead when police broke up a Maywood fighting ring last week is making a remarkable recovery.

The happy ending to that tragic story is taking place at the Animal Welfare League in Chicago Ridge. And even though it's less than a week since the incident, "Bubba", as they call him, is once again just a plain old pooch.

Linda Estrada is Animal Welfare League president and director.

"He's doing so good, so good," said Estrada. "He came in as a bloody mess. He had holes everywhere. But now he's healing very good ... he's loving people."

The dog-fighting ring was busted last Thursday in Maywood. Seven people were arrested.

Bubba was seriously injured and the other, much bigger dog, the aggressor, was taken to the Animal Welfare League where he remains.

Bubba, who was not raised as a fighting dog, is doing so well that in a few weeks he could go up for adoption. He's come a long way in just six days.

"If the cops hadn't come in the door at that time Bubba here wouldn't be alive," said Estrada.

No one knows how this 11-month-old staff terrier ended up in that fight for life, but he's wagging his tail again.

And then there's the other dog. The aggressor, the dog trained to be a killer. Surprisingly, he's fine with people ... it's just other animals.

The dog doesn't wag his tail and his future is very uncertain.

"The only good thing that came out of this is ... thank God Tom Dart made it a felony now to even attend a dog fight," said Estrada.

Bubba now is looking for a new home and good couch to sack out on.