Officers in South Side fire rescue called heroes

January 12, 2011 3:52:51 PM PST
Two Cook County Sheriff's deputies are being called heroes for saving four people from a fire on Chicago's South Side.

Tuesday morning, deputy sheriffs David Soto And Edward Flory were driving by a storefront building on 111th street when they saw flames. They forced their way in and started searching for people in the apartments above. They found four people inside and helped them to safety.

Deputies Soto and Flory described what it was like to be inside the burning building.

"I couldn't breathe, and my eyes, I couldn't see," said Flory. "I got turned around in there. It took a few seconds for me to adjust. By the time I opened my eyes, I used my flashlight and still couldn't see."

"It was hard to breathe. You can't see anything around you. You're basically just feeling your way around, listening for voices and hoping that you're going to get out," said Soto.

Both deputies are being treated for minor injuries and are expected to be ok.