Football fans soldier on in cold weather

January 24, 2011 4:53:59 AM PST
Those at the Bears-Packers game had to brave some cold conditions.

The temperature around kick-off Sunday afternoon was barely out of the teens, but when you factor in the wind chills, it felt like it was below zero.

Whether you were rooting for the other guys or the home team, diehard football fans would not be deterred by the cold or snow.

"The cold is the difference. It's not this cold in jersey," said Chicago Bears fan Anthony Hayes

"We kind of forgot to pack a couple of items, so a pair of long johns and a pair of gloves," said Green Bay Packers fan Bunny Gegg.

Just hours before the game, rival fans peacefully co-existed at the Sports Authority while snapping up cold weather supplies.

"Hand warmers, foot warmers, toe warmers -- anything that says 'warmer' on it, they're buying," said Don Smith with Sports Authority.

Some fans, despite the weather, just soldiered on.

"We came up from Dallas, Texas, for this game. We are ready for the cold, ready for the snow, anything the Packers can bring, we're ready for it," said football fan Amber Hapka.

When lake-effect snow joined arctic temperatures Sunday, most needed more than just Super Bowl hopes to keep them warm.

Green Bay Packers fan Brent Brown said he had on multiple layers to battle the cold.

"I would say probably five or six layers. I'm actually hot," Brown said.

To make being outside "Bear-able," Bears fan Chris Hall of Geneva, Ill., took a different approach.

"This is a good luck outfit. It's been to one of the Bears-Packers games. The Bears won. So, and yes, very warm," said Hall, who was wearing a bear costume.

While most football fans seem not to mind the cold or the snow, for the rest of us, not so much.

Along Michigan Avenue, there were plenty who expected cold, but were surprised by Sunday's early morning snow.

"I'm a summer girl. I like to be in bathing suits and flip-flops," said Jennifer Gerstner of Northwest Indiana. "This bundling up is horrible."

Although city officials managed to deal with the unpredicted winter storm system, they are still warning anyone traveling downtown to use caution.

"Roads should be in very good shape by game time, but because we're only looking at a high of 18, and we expect large crowds downtown today, motorists should drive carefully," said Commissioner Thomas Byrne of the Chicago Streets and Sanitation Department.