Snow falls in NW Indiana after Chicago storm ends

February 2, 2011 8:31:22 PM PST
While the snow ended early Wednesday afternoon for most of the Chicago area, it kept snowing in parts of northwest Indiana.

Two-lane rural highways remained down to just one lane as of late Wednesday night. That is why the Indiana Department of Transportation has brought in additional snow trucks from the southern part of the state to help out with this massive cleanup effort.

Massive mounds of snow are piling up in NW Indiana as workers clear the way for businesses Thursday. Backhoe driver Scott Steuer has been at it more than 24 hours.

"It's how you make a living," Steuer said, "so you got to keep them happy."

And it's back to making money for businesses -- like one Valparaiso salon.

"Tomorrow we're going to be making up for the canceled customers and rescheduling, so it will be a busy day," said nail technician Michelle Johnson.

Wednesday, most stores posted notes saying they were closed.

"I guess I'm just out of luck," said Chris Lincoln. "I wanted to run to the store-- store is closed, mall is closed, everything is closed."

Closed until the clean up, plows rumbled down roads throughout northwest Indiana, cutting through snow-covered streets and making way for drivers, including experienced ones like Bill Bady.

"This is nothing to me, but to these other guys it's horrible," Bady said.

Horrible for stranded drivers -- until help arrived.

"Everyone has took time out to really help. It's been something that's heartwarming," said George McCoy, stranded motorist. "I'm pretty glad. I think this is a learning experience for everyone."

Except for students out of school Wednesday.

"I hate it because now we have to go two more days in June," said Munster High School junior Michael Oliver. "There is nothing to do now."

Nothing to do-- unless you're lucky enough to be riding a snowmobile through the countryside in Valparaiso.

"It's fun, because you get to hit jumps and you get the snow in your face," said snowmobiler Tyler Coole. "You get to see your friends get stuck and it's funny sometimes. You get to have a lot of fun."