CPS buses navigate snowy side streets

February 7, 2011 3:31:16 PM PST
As the cleanup goes on from the Blizzard of 2011, bus service resumed for Chicago Public Schools Monday morning. But side streets remain snow-covered, making it hard for school buses as well as residents to get where they need to go.

While most bus routes went smoothly, some buses encountered problems on a few secondary streets.

"Our routes ran smoothly. A lot of the snow had been removed, thank God, and we were able to make all of our routes on time," said Katrice Ammons, Ammons Bus Company.

"Most of the major streets have been cleared out nicely. We had issues on smaller streets, particularly on the West Side," said Michael Rosas, Latin Express Bus Company.

For students, getting on the bus can be tricky given the big piles of snow and obstacles people use to block off their parking spots.

"Sometimes those chairs or other things will get in the way of their path to get into the bus and it makes it particularly difficult for wheelchair children," said Rosas.

According to a few students ABC7 spoke with, some kids that arrive to school by bus were a little bit late. However, at the Benjamin Banneker school, all students arrived on time.

"There weren't any delays with out students arriving to school. Our students arrived before time. School begins for our students at 7:55. I believe our students were here at 7:40 a.m. this morning," said Verona Portis, Benjamin Banneker Elementary principal.

Many sidewalks are still clogged with snow, making it hazardous for those students who have to walk to school.

"For the last couple days of this storm there's been less and less of kids," said John Vakalahi, crossing guard.

Some roads on the West Side, especially on Pine Street near Central Avenue, have not been plowed since the storm.