Crowds at Auto Show could be good sign for industry

February 11, 2011 2:30:20 PM PST
The Chicago Auto Show officially opened to the public Friday. And after two years of low sales, auto enthusiasts are back in huge numbers.

If the size of the crowd at opening day of the show was any indication, the auto industry is on the way back up.

One million square feet showcases 1,000 vehicles with a surprising amount of redesign and new technology.

"Anyone who hasn't taken a look at cars, even in the past five years, quality, interior quality in particular, has just shot up, roominess has shot up, even in the smaller cars," said Joe Wiesenfelder, senior editor,

"We wanted to see what some or the new cars look like, kids had the day off of school and we thought this would be a fun place to come and take a look at everything," said Patrick Etherington, Auto Show visitor

"It's a big lay out, but it's very organized and it's great to see all the different models," said Sally Schulte, Auto Show visitor.

The show is very interactive, from touch screens, ride-alongs, video games and virtual games, and everything in between.

But the show is, after all, about selling cars, and after two years in a depressed economy, it appears that people are ready to open their wallets.

"We're going to buy a car this year, so we're looking to buy," said Jan Broughton, Auto Show visitor.

"We're probably going to be buying a car this year and we want to see what everyone has to offer and be able to get in them and see what they feel like," said Jennifer Thompson, Auto Show visitor.

The Auto Show runs through Sunday, February 20.