Rahm meets with MayorEmanuel tweeter

March 2, 2011 7:17:07 PM PST
On Wednesday, Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel followed through with an offer he made during his campaign to the man who impersonated him on a Twitter account.

Emanuel presented a $5,000 check to Columbia College assistant professor Dan Sinker, who ran the @MayorEmanuel account since September.

Emanuel had said he would make a personal contribution to the favorite charity of the then-unknown Twitter author if his identity was disclosed.

The presentation happened on WLS-AM's Roe Conn Show with Richard Roeper.

"About four very good friends and my wife knew the secret. They became a very needed sounding board as all of this got much crazier than I ever thought it would," said Sinker.

Before the show was over, donations to the Sinker's charity of choice, Young Chicago Authors writing program, reached $12,000.

The MayorEmanuel Twitter handle started as a joke back in September. But it quickly grew in popularity, surpassing the real Rahm Emanuel's own Twitter page in popularity. It was a running commentary on the campaign, the candidates and the community.

It was fantasy to be sure, but part of its popularity was it seemed to capture what many thought Emanuel must be secretly thinking. After all, this is a guy fond of four-letter words and speaking his mind -- a side of his personality we haven't seen during his six month long campaign for mayor.

"I don't think that's who I am. I have been in many positions and many roles. I am fully cognizant of that," said Emanuel.

Emanuel said while he thinks the fake Twitterer's take on his personality was funny, he's happy that his alter ego's persona is now benefiting an educational program for inner-city kids.