Lyonnais salad

March 6, 2011 10:53:16 AM PST
A Kendall College student has won the North Central Regional ''S.Pellegrino Almost Famous Chef''contest and is a finalist in the national competition.

4 bunch of cleaned curly endive
3 oz of thinly sliced French radishes
2 oz of small dice shallot
8 oz of king oyster mushroom cut in half
8 oz of shitake, wedge cut, stem removed
16 oz of medium dice nueske's bacon
5 oz of Columela Vinagre de jerez, sherry-vinegar
1 Tbsp of Dijon mustard
2 oz of Frantoia olive oil
To taste: smoke pepper

Method of Preparation
1. Place cleaned endive and radish in medium bowl, and then hold in fridge until ready.
2. Render bacon fat in pan
3. Add shallot and garlic and saute till caramelized.
4. Add mushroom and lightly brown.
5. Once caramelized raise heat and deglaze pan with sherry.
6. Reduce by one-half then Wisk in olive oil being sure to emulsify.
7. Season with salt and smoke pepper and then toss vegetables into bowl and lightly dress with warm pan vinaigrette.

Serving (Plating Instructions)
1. Place 1 inch dot of foyot sauce on plate.
2. Drop potato cylinder on top of it.
3. Place three slices of loin to left of potato.
4. Place sauce on bottom edge of lamb loin and let slightly pool below it.
5. Place salad Behind lamb in tall tight bunch.
6. Place transparency leaning on potato.