Testimony focuses on evidence in Yang murder trial

March 7, 2011 3:36:10 PM PST
Prosecutors allege Marni Yang killed Rhoni Reuter in 2007 because she was jealous that Reuter was pregnant with former Chicago Bear Shaun Gayle's child.

Prosecutors said Yang, 43, wanted to minimize her competition for the affections of Gayle. Reuter and Yang were two of several women Gayle was dating at the time of the murder, according to prosecutors. He is expected to testify Tuesday.

"The issue is Mr. Gayle, obviously, is going to take the witness stand. It's been very difficult for him because he can't comment on what's happened up to this point because he is a witness in this case. I think his credibility will speak for himself. I think that it's been very difficult for him to be able to listen to all of these things that have been said about him and against him that are untrue. I think that once he takes the stand, everyone will see exactly what the situation was. Everyone's questions will be answered, and there will be no question anymore about what the situation was," said Attorney Donna Rotunno.

The first full day of testimony at a Lake County courthouse in Waukegan focused on the evidence Monday. Several witnesses were called in the 2007 murder case.

Jurors heard evidence about the gunfire in Reuter's condo. Several shots hit Reuter, who was six months pregnant, and unfired rounds were also found. Also, an ultrasound picture was found on Reuter's refrigerator.

An officer testified that he went through Yang's trash looking for evidence. He said several bank statements and receipts were found. The prosecution said those receipts show Yang was preparing for the murder.

Under cross examination, the officer testified that no other garbage pulls were ordered in the investigation and that Yang's trash was pulled 13 or 14 times starting just four days after the murder.

Defense attorneys said investigators didn't pursue other leads and focused only on Yang.

The owner of an online firearms book company also testified Monday, saying Yang purchased two books: How to Make Disposable Silencers, Volumes 1 and 2.