Photos of Ariz. bride after arrest released

Angela Davito, 28, is accused of assaulting a police officer at her wedding reception

March 26, 2011 5:36:50 AM PDT
These photos might not make the wedding album.

Police released two photos of bride Angela Davito, 28, after her arrest for allegedly kicking a police officer at her wedding reception.

Police say officers were dispatched after a call came in of a large brawl in the back of a Gilbert, Arizona, home where Davito's wedding reception was being held. According to a police report, at the scene an officer "was told partygoers were 'killing each other.'" Those involved in the brawl did not respond to commands to stop, so police used pepper spray. The crowd became angry and was aggressive toward officers, but order was restored.

Then, police say Davito charged another partygoer and had to be restrained. Davito then kicked an officer in the groin with her cowboy boot, police said. Charges are pending.