Tavis Smiley visits St. Sabina after Pfleger reinstated

May 21, 2011 (CHICAGO)

The television and radio personality talked about Father Michael Pfleger's reinstatement.

"I was so torn, my spirit was wrecked by what happened to him, by what he's endured the past few weeks, and even more than talking about the book, I really wanted just to see him and give him a hug," said Smiley.

Pfleger was suspended following comments he made on Smiley's radio show.

On Saturday, Pfleger said "God has everything in his plan, you know, and God is faithful."

Francis Cardinal George is still not talking about the decision to reinstate Father Michael Pfleger to St. Sabina Church.

The cardinal ordained ten new priests Saturday morning at Holy Name Cathedral. Three of the men are from the U.S.

Pfleger did not say anything about his reinstatement other than to remark that he is looking forward to church on Sunday.

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