Barrier put up on street after woman drives into river

May 23, 2011 8:30:06 PM PDT
New barriers now block the end of a Chicago street where a young woman died after driving into the Chicago River.

The concrete barriers went up Monday on Blackhawk Street which dead-ends at the north branch of the Chicago River.

Twenty-five-year-old model Irma Sabanovic was found dead in her submerged car Saturday. She disappeared May 12.

In 1992, a cab driver died when he plunged into the river from the opposite side.

"I'm really angry that the city didn't react to this before, especially after everything happened, learning another accident happened prior to this in 1992?Irma would still be alive," said Evelina Alikadic, Sabanovic' sfriend.

After the 1992 accident, the city put up barriers on the west side of the river but not the east side where Sabanovic died.