Security guard testifies in fatal bank robbery trial

July 14, 2011 (CHICAGO)

The witness took the stand Thursday on the second day of testimony in the trial of the accused gunman, David Vance. Jurors also got a chance to see a surveillance tape from cameras that captured the robbery.

The robbery took just two minutes. But in that time dozens of shots of were fired by the bank robbers and a security guard intent on stopping them.

"When you actually start hearing about it from people who were actually there and experienced it, it must have been bullets a'blazing in there," said Verton Gibson, victim's father.

Gibson and his family watched that tape in court Thursday. It was his son, 23-year-old Tramaine Gibson, who was executed by one of the robbers when he couldn't open the vault fast enough.

Bank security guard Earl Coleman testified to the violence. "As soon as I stepped from behind the partition they started firing at me," he told jurors. He was shot twice, once in the chest and again in the left leg.

"To think about what these people went through for even a short amount of time, it was really a horrendous scene," said Gibson.

Accused robber turned killer David Vance sat through the testimony and video stone faced. His attorney argued the investigation was flawed.

Vance and his trio are accused of making off with just $7,000 from Illinois Service Federal.

"Six thousand eight hundred bucks man, my son, $6,800 bucks. That just shows you the type of people we're dealing with. They have no value for their own life let alone someone else," said Gibson.

The defendant's nephew was in court Thursday.

One of Vance's alleged accomplices is expected to testify against Vance later in the trial.

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