Young Paul McCartney fan surprised with concert tickets

July 29, 2011 (CHICAGO)

On Friday morning WLS FM host Dave Fogel read a letter from the mother of Keira Malone who will be 6 years old on August 9. Keira was born with the worse form of spina bifida, and she has a huge crush on McCartney. She even wants to marry him.

Most of all, she wants to go to his concert, but she does not have the money to purchase tickets.

"It is hard to read this letter. It's powerful," Fogel said.

To give them the surprise tickets, Fogel first got on the phone with Kiera's mother Delfina Malone. He then told Malone and her daughter to step outside their home -- they did not know that an ABC7 crew was standing there, waiting for them to come out so Fogel could announce a big surprise.

"I want to see the look on your face when I tell you that you and Kiera will be going to the Paul McCartney concert," Fogel said.

"I don't believe this, no. I'm sorry, I did not expect this," Delfina Malone said. "Kiera, you are going to see Paul McCartney."

If she gets to see McCartney, Kiera said she would tell him that she loves him. Keira also writes to McCartney in her journal. She has even drawn a picture of the two of them together.

Keira's grandmother is a cancer patient. She introduced the young girl to McCartney's music.

"I cannot tell you how happy I am. Every year for her is a milestone," said Kiera's grandmother Rose Marie Robles.

With her severe form of spina bifida, Keira was not supposed to walk. However, she is determined to walk on crutches even though she struggles daily with paralysis in her lower extremities.

"This is truly life changing for us," Delfina Malone said.

"I'm just glad that we could do something to help," Fogel said.

Delina Malone just got divorced and is struggling to keep their home, but she says McCartney's music that gets them through the day.

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