Madigan suing Skokie-based debt collector

January 11, 2012 3:27:51 PM PST
Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is taking legal action to stop debt collectors from using what she describes as abusive and threatening tactics against consumers.

Madigan announced Wednesday she filed a lawsuit against Skokie-based debt collector PN Financial. She says the company has commonly engaged in illegal debt collection tactics.

"The allegations in today's complaint against PN Financial are really some of the worst that I've seen," Madigan said. "There were multiple violations of state and federal law. And they include that PN Financial routinely pretended that they were a law firm when they were contacting consumers."

Madigan said, of the 5,900 complaints she has received related to debt, 1,100 were against debt collectors who harassed or threatened consumers.

Madigan said other top consumer complaints include identity theft, construction and home improvement, telecommunications -- including internet, phone, cable and satellite services -- and motor vehicle and used car sales.