Woman, Samaritans retrieve stolen wallet

January 27, 2012 8:19:26 PM PST
They say it happens frequently on CTA buses and trains. Thieves grab wallets, purses or small electronics and make a run for it. Linette Kossow says she'd just left work at Macy's a little after midnight and was sitting near the rear door of the bus when a man behind her reached into her bag and grabbed her small black wallet.

"He reached in," Kossow said. "I ran."

She left her bag behind on the bus with the driver and raced after the alleged thief, winding through streets in the gold coast. The suspect, 18-year-old Jenar Sanders is nearly twice her weight, half a foot taller and nearly a third her age. But Kossow was determined, screaming for help along the way and yelling at the man who stole her wallet.

"I said God wants you to just give it back to me, she said."

The suspect was apparently unmoved by that appeal and CTA security volunteers with the Guardian Angels say the whole idea of chasing a suspect is risky.

"She's fortunate," said Guardian Angel Miguel Fuentes. "But there's lots of stories, good Samaritans get hurt or killed."

Fortunately her screams got the attention of a couple of good Samaritans joined the chase, eventually cornering the suspect in this alley where he finally gave up the wallet and police arrived to arrest him.

"They were heroes to me," Kossow said. "I probably would have given up."