7 in the City: Patriot Boxing

February 2, 2012 4:31:54 AM PST
In Elmhurst, a real boxing gym is taking off as one of the hottest new workouts in the western suburbs.

"We started with an empty warehouse and now, as you can see, we got a bunch of members at 9 a.m. in the morning," said owner Nick Janowitz. "I always like to say the gym is for everybody. We train professional fighters to professional athletes, and baseball players, you know, your mom, your pop and kids and just your typical average joe, weekend warrior who wants a good workout."

Janowitz said in one workout, a person should be burning anywhere from 800-1200 calories in an hour.

"It is the most well-rounded workout. I burn more calories in an hour. It is the most inclusive gym I have been to," said Melissa, a mom of three and student at the gym.

Nick Janowitz's started boxing in the Navy. He was a professional mixed-martial arts fighter, and he's a high-school wrestling coach. He started Patriot Boxing and Fitness a year ago with a passion for boxing, and it has been a phenomenal success.

If you'd like more information about his classes, visit www.patriotboxing.com.