List of schools to be closed/overhauled

February 22, 2012 5:05:05 PM PST
The Chicago school board has approved the proposed closing and turnaround of 17 public schools:
  • Simon Guggenheim Elementary School, 7141 S. Morgan St
  • Florence B. Price, 4351 S Drexel Blvd.
  • Julia C. Lathrop Elementary School, 1440 S. Christiana Ave
  • Walter Reed Elementary School, 6350 S. Stewart Ave
  • Best Practice High School, 2040 W. Adams St
  • Walter H. Dyett High School, 555 E. 51st St
  • Richard T. Crane Technical Preparatory High School, 2245 W. Jackson Blvd
    Turnarounds into AUSL charters
  • Pablo Casals Elementary School, 3501 W. Potomac Avenue
  • Melville W. Fuller Elementary School, 4214 S. Saint Lawrence Avenue
  • Theodore Herzl Elementary School, 3711 W. Douglas Blvd.
  • Marquette Elementary School, 6550 S Richmond St.
  • Brian Piccolo Elementary Specialty School, 1040 N Keeler Ave
  • Amos Alonzo Stagg Elementary School, 7424 S Morgan St.
    Turnarounds to be implemented by CPS
  • Chicago Vocational Career Academy (CVCA) High School, 2100 E 87th St.,
  • Edward Tilden Career Community Academy High School, 4747 S Union Ave
  • Wendell Smith Elementary School, 744 E 103rd St.
  • Carter G. Woodson South Elementary School, 4414 S Evans