Daley on Maggie, 'I knew I was going to marry her'

February 23, 2012 9:50:33 AM PST
Former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley talked with reporters Wednesday night about his late wife and how he's dealing with not being in public service.

Daley now works for the law firm of Katten, Muchin and Rosenmann. He took part in an announcement that the firm is opening a new office in Shanghai, China.

Afterwards Daley reminisced about his long marriage to Maggie Daley, who died on Thanksgiving.

"When I first met Maggie at a party, I knew I was going to marry her," Daley said. "About a year later we got married. And for 40 years, with children and everything, it was wonderful."

Daley says he misses what he used to do on Saturday as mayor: get out into the neighborhoods and meet people at public events.