Family: Cedar Park cemetery graves vandalized

February 27, 2012 1:58:01 PM PST
Some families visiting the graves of their loved ones at Calumet Park's Cedar Park Cemetery have discovered that many of the gravesites have apparently been vandalized by thieves.

The graves of John Wasserman's great grandparents are among the oldest at the cemetery and a recent visit turned heartbreaking for him and his sister.

Urns were discovered missing and the metal grave markers had been torn off their great grandparents' gravestones and many others.

"Tens, maybe hundreds of graves looked like ransacked," Wasserman said. "Somebody had gone through and taken any kind of metal they could get their hands on."

Cedar Park's management company said they are aware of the problem and are very concerned.

They say it is the responsibility of the grave owners to replace stolen items, but are working with the companies that make the urns and grave markers to find a way to help the families.