U of I trustees tell Hogan to repair faculty relationships

March 5, 2012 3:23:34 PM PST
University of Illinois President Michel Hogan has been ordered by school trustees to repair his relationship with the faculty.

Trustees held an emergency closed-door meeting in Chicago Monday after 130 Urbana-Champaign campus professors wrote a letter calling for Hogan's resignation.

In the letter, the U of I faculty had a long list of complaints about Hogan, including accusing him of spying and bullying the faculty senate conference. Professors also said Hogan has demonstrated a preoccupation with the material trappings of high office. The three-page letter also reads in part, "In our view, he lacks the values, commitments, management style, ethics and even manners needed to lead this university."

"When we have so many of our incredibly important professors writing letters to us that express their concern, that in and of itself represents concern on the part of the trustees," U of I board Chairman Christopher Kennedy said

Kennedy said the board continues to support Hogan and believe he can rebuild his relationship with faculty. Hogan was hired by the board two years ago following an admissions scandal.

"The issues around rebuilding that support are issues that Mike Hogan needs to play a leadership role in," Kennedy said. "That is not something that the board can do for him, but we're confident that Mike can do it for himself. Time will tell, and we will review it closely over the next few months."

The board meets again in 10 days and will review the president. Hogan snuck out a side door and did not talk to the media.