Standard Market out to change the way you eat

March 10, 2012 8:31:54 PM PST
Do people still cook at home? Well, of course they do; they just would prefer to have a little help from time-to-time, and not have to sift through dozens of options in the grocery aisle. The team behind the new Standard market in Westmont hopes to attract shoppers who love to cook, but who also recognize that time is precious.

"We like to think of it as blurring the lines between grocery retail and food service restaurant, said Brett Verkaik, one of the owners of Standard Market. "This is kind of a series of European markets under one roof. From produce to our scratch bakery, to our seafood and our old world butcher shop etc.."

Old world, in a sense that they make everything here, like grinding sausage, but also dry-aging prime grade beef. The seafood counter is extensive, and fishmongers are here to help you navigate those waters.. plus, a number of homemade soups, stews and deli items that would rival any Whole Foods store.

"Everything from chef-driven quality ingredients that you can make any sort of recipes that you want to put together. To our prepared foods that we've already made it for you. Or you can make it real easy on yourself and go to the Standard Grill," said Verkaik.

There, you'll be able to choose from a menu that features ingredients from the store, like steakhouse burgers with sweet potato fries, barbecued chicken pizzas and ahi tuna salads. Picking up dinner is really a cinch here, since there are meals in various stages: you could start from scratch, get something pre-assembled, or just pick up a bag from the "What's For Dinner Tonight" case, which includes a rotating list of meals, all set to be re-heated at home and feed two people.

"Sometimes it's a time consideration that you just need to come and get something that's really good, really home made that you just want to bring home and just feed your family," he said.

Now as much as I love to cook, the problem with shopping here at Standard Market is there are so many things ready to be taken home, to be thrown in the oven. To grab-and-go, to have a little sample - the samples are constant here - that I'm going to leave the store and be totally full.

The market does not accept cash, just debit, credit or gift cards. If you must, the customer service desk will take your cash, then issue you a gift card, but the best bet is to bring your plastic.

Standard Market
333 E Ogden Ave., Westmont
(630) 366-7030