Aurora mother, sons still missing

March 16, 2012 3:34:54 PM PDT
It's been more than a month since anyone has seen an Aurora mother and her three young children.

Laurie May and her three boys disappeared and police say they may be in the company of a female friend who is also missing.

Friday, May's mother hopes a cash reward will lead to information on their whereabouts.

When they went missing, there was news and attention on the cases, but since then the leads have dried up, and two suburban families struggle daily with the unknown and missing their loved ones.

For a suburban grandmother, recalling the good memories is almost as painful as the present.

"There are days when it's too hard to get up," Tara Selman said. "Too hard to sleep, you don't want to close your eyes because you imagine horrible things."

In February, Tara Selman's daughter Laureth, or Laurie May, left her Aurora home in her white Volvo with her three boys.

Quincy is the oldest at nearly five, Oliver turns four next month and Spencer is twenty months.

Selman is offering a reward for the safe return of her grandsons.

"I want my grandchildren," she said. "I want to see them, I want to play with them, and hold them and read to them."

Aurora Police say May and the boys' disappearances coincide with a teenager from Cicero who went missing the same day.

Destiny Gruba was a student of May's.

"There's a total of five people we're looking for and Cicero's PD is working on the case as far as Destiny is concerned, but we want to get all five back home safely to their families," said Sgt. Tim Jones.

Selman's home is decorated with her daughter's artwork and hand-crafted pieces.

May is her only child. She is a graduate of the school of the Art Institute of Chicago and she had just gotten her Masters Degree.

May was also engaged to the boys' father, but for now all family plans are on hold.

"Everything I do I'm thinking of at least one of the four of them," Selman said. "And it's pretty devastating."

Destiny Gruba's mother is also eager for her daughter's return.

Myrna Gruba said that Destiny wanted to graduate high school early to go to art school.

Gruba says Laurie May encouraged her daughter's artistic talent and said just days before their disappearances, May was fired from the school for inappropriate conduct with Gruba.

Anyone with information about any of the five are asked to call the nearest police department.