Give Me Some Sugar Cake Decorating Class

March 31, 2012 7:29:51 AM PDT
Give Me Some Sugar is a unique business that offers cooking classes in your home, or at the company's new headquarters in Roscoe Village.

As you can imagine their cake decorating class is especially popular for children's birthday parties. Give Me Some Sugar founder Alekka Sweeney joined us in the kitchen for a demonstration.

Tips For Cooking/Baking with Kids:

1.Safety First!- Young Chefs are eager to help with every stage of cooking/baking. It is important to set the rules at the beginning. For the younger chefs (ages 6-8) the parents should let the chefs help putting food in oven. When food is ready have the kids hand you the oven mitts and watch as you take hot food out of oven. Make sure to admire and praise the food that your child has helped you make- kids will be more eager to eat food that they made from start to finish.

2. Understanding a Recipe: This helps kids with reading and math. Instead of asking for certain kitchen tools and ingredients- make it a game like BINGO- reward the kids with a healthy snack or prize. Read the recipe together so your child understands the process and can recognize what certain cooking tools look like. For the older chefs practice fractions by having then double or half the recipe.

3.Organization: Cooking can be messy if you are not organized. After reading the recipe make a plan with your child on how your are going to make a recipe step-by-step. Pre measure ingredients and put in bowls before you start cooking. Ask your child to hand you the bowls as you begin to cook-if needed have them stir in the ingredients once they are added.

4. Clean as you go!!- Cleanliness is very important in the kitchen. Emphasis washing hands before, during and after baking/cooking. Kids love to help as much as they can in the kitchen-even with the dishes!

5. Decorating Tips: Cover the largest area in your kitchen with plastic wrap. Pre-color the icing and put in piping bags. For the younger chefs we recommend filling the bags no more than half-way full. Also use a rubber band to secure the bag so no buttercream comes out of the top. Have all decorations in bowls with spoons- show kids how to sprinkle on top of cake/cupcake or cookie.