Derrick Rose to be on GQ cover

(Nathaniel Goldberg/GQ)

April 17, 2012 9:36:59 AM PDT
Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose will be featured on the cover of GQ magazine's May issue.

At just 23, Rose already has an MVP award and a $95 million contract.

The Chicago native opened up to the magazine, offering a look into his life as the city's next Michael Jordan. Jordan was once a GQ cover star in 1989. Rose talks about being inspired by the MJ comparisons, and also shares his thoughts on Chicago's adoration of him and the secluded lifestyle bred by his stardom, a GQ news release said.

Rose told GQ Jordan's championships drive him to do better. Rose added that the more he wins, the more fans like him.

"I don't take anything for granted. But it seems like the better I play, the more attention I get," he said. "And I can't get away from it. You play great, you get attention. But I hate attention. It is weird. I'm in a bind."

Rose said Chicago, "isn't used to stardom," and says that despite wearing disguises, people still recognize him here.

"If I go outside without a hat on, I feel like I'm naked. This life doesn't fit my personality," he said.

Rose also said President Barack Obama has been a fan since Rose was in high school, but at the time, when Obama was still a state senator, Rose didn't appreciate it as he does now.

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