Earth friendly decorating

April 20, 2012 10:13:36 AM PDT
It's easier than ever to incorporate earth friendly decorating into your home.

Designer Paul Schulman demonstrates how being "green" doesn't have to mean using all organic or eco-friendly products. It can also mean being smart about using items that you already have by giving them a new life in your home.


1. Salvage wood furniture by removing scuffmarks or giving it a new look by repainting. You can camouflage many scuffs and dings with colored markers and pencils. For 100% natural approach, try rubbing a walnut or pecan on the scratch. The oil will help camouflage the scratch. To repair a stain or watermark, you can buff the stain (in the direction of the wood grain) with very find steel wool or sand paper. Dip the steel wool or sand paper in lemon oil or tung oil before gently buffing as to not further scratch the wood.

2. Use old glass jars to help organize office supplies. You can also use mismatched wine glasses to help decorate a space by filling with colorful buttons, glass stones, or flowers. Use jars to store children's crafts, spices and dry pasta.

3. Decorate a children's room by creating mobiles or hanging sculptures using old wire hangers and vintage jewelry.

4. Create wall art by gluing old letter blocks or magnetic letters to a canvas to spell out a favorite quote.

5. Take an old framed canvas artwork and let children use it as a canvas for an art project. Hang it as a collage of paintings in their bedroom.