How did you get to the CTA train today?

Image of the CTA's train system. (AP Photo).

April 24, 2012 9:49:04 AM PDT
Walk? Bike? Drive? The city wants to know how passengers are getting to their CTA train stations- and what challenges they faced in getting there.

The Chicago Transit Authority and Chicago Department of Transportation handed out surveys to passengers at several train stations Tuesday morning. Questions on the survey include the time of commute, direction of travel and closest major intersection from which a passenger began.

"It's trying to determine where did you come from, how long did it take you," CTA spokesperson Brian Steele said.

Steele says the survey will help with future planning by looking at how Chicagoans use the CTA and how they get there -- by bus, car, bike or walking. He said, "How do people get to the station? What challenges do they have?"

Steele said the survey will also help the city improve access to the rail stations for passengers. For example, he said it could help determine where more buses or better sidewalks are needed.

The two people passing out the survey at the Brown Line Rockwell Station encouraged passengers to fill it out on the train and drop it in the mail at work. Postage is pre-paid.

A sample question from the survey (Read the full survey here) :

How did you get to this CTA rail station today?
Walked all of the way
Drove alone and parked
Got dropped off
Transferred from another CTA train
Took a Pace bus
Took a CTA bus
Took a Metra train
Took a private shuttle bus/van
Took a taxi