Defense: CPD rushed to judgment in Hudson murders

April 25, 2012 5:56:09 PM PDT
Jennifer Hudson was not inside the courtroom Wednesday as prosecutors showed graphic images of her slain 7-year-old nephew to the jury.

The alleged killer, William Balfour, dabbed his eyes with a tissue as autopsy photos of Julian King were shown. The boy's body was found in his uncle's stolen SUV. He had been shot in the head twice, one bullet leaving the brain "very severely injured," according to now retired-deputy medical examiner Mitra Kalelkar. Kalelkar said there were no signs the boy's wrists or ankles had been restrained and no remnants of adhesive tape were found on his mouth, suggesting the boy may have been abducted without a struggle.

After the medical examiner's testimony, Oscar-winning actress and singer Hudson and her sister, Julia, who is Julian's mother, entered the courtroom. They watched as four members of the Chicago Police Department testified about locating the defendant through his cell phone signal and then apprehending Balfour at a girlfriend's apartment, a mile and a half from where King's body was found. Balfour's cell phone was with him, police said.

One of the officers said Balfour tried to run away when police entered the apartment, but then surrendered without further incident. Under cross examination, Lieutenant James Sanchez testified that police didn't have a search warrant and that he opened the door on his own after knocking. Defense attorneys say that action shows police made a rush to judgment in their arrest of Balfour.

However, police say they obtained a "consent to search form" from one of the residents of the apartment building.

Hudson's brother and mother were also killed. Balfour is charged with three counts of first-degree murder in the 2008 slayings. Prosecutors say he killed the victims in a jealous rage because Julia Hudson, his estranged wife at the time, was seeing someone else.

Balfour denies any wrongdoing.