DUI victim fulfills prom dream

April 28, 2012 12:13:31 PM PDT
This is a big moment for 23-year-old Leeslyee Huerta as she gets ready to be the guest of honor at the Metea Valley High School's senior prom Friday night in Woodridge.

A fresh manicure, an upswept hairdo, and makeup by Jillian Dirks , including flowers and a beautiful prom dress will make her the belle of the ball.

"I have been through hell these past five years and finally I get to see something good in my life," Huerta said.

Going to the prom was always Huerta's dream. Five years ago the Bolingbrook senior was unable to go to her high school prom when an automobile crash left her paralyzed.

Nicholas Chorzow, who was intoxicated and driving his car crashed into the automobile that Huerta was asleep and buckled in the back seat.

"I felt like all my dreams and future stopped at everything broke in pieces," she said. "I hated to see myself in the mirror. I could not believe that now I was attached to a chair."

Huerta met Chodzko a month ago and they recently spoke to students at Metea Valley High School about the dangers of driving intoxicated. The young woman says she has forgiven Chodzko.

"I know he really regrets what he did he feels really bad too," Heurta said.

"It feels amazing," Chodzko said. "I never expected her to forgive me, it is remarkable. I will always carry that guilt the rest of my life."

Huerta says what changed her life and helped her to get rid of the anger was learning she was pregnant with her daughter Ketzaly. Her significant other and father of her child, Johnathon Santos, will be her prom escort this evening.

"I want to see her prom pictures," Chodzko said. "I wish her happiness and hope she has a great time and hope she enjoys her night."

"We feel very grateful to be a part of this," said Metea Valley assistant principal Joy Ross.