William Balfour DNA 'does not match' murder weapon, forensic expert testifies in Jennifer Hudson family murder trial

May 2, 2012 3:15:54 PM PDT
A forensic expert testified Wednesday that she was unable to find suspect William Balfour's DNA on several items, including the weapon used to kill Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother and nephew.

For jurors, it took a lot of focus and concentration to listen to almost a day's worth of scientific testimony, much of it about DNA, or as the defense wants to remind the jury, the lack of it.

Pauline Gordon is an Illinois State Police forensic scientist. She tested several pieces of evidence for DNA, including the murder weapon.

Gordon told the jury Balfour's DNA was not on the gun that he is accused of using to kill Jennifer Hudson's mother, Darnell Donnerson; brother, Jason Hudson; and the actress and singer's nephew, Julian King.

Gordon also tested Jason Hudson's white Suburban. Julian King's body was found in the SUV. Gordon told the jury Balfour's DNA "does not match" any of the items she tested. Therefore, "he is excluded."

Prosecutors say the lack of DNA was possibly wiped away by weather conditions. Gordon said DNA can be gone if the killer wore gloves, or DNA can degrade quickly if exposed to rain, heat or sun.

Once again, Jennifer Hudson sat in between her fiance and her sister Julia for a day that was full of tedious scientific testimony. Earlier in the day, evidence analyst Robert Berk testified that Balfour's green Chrysler contained gunshot residue as well as the steering wheel cover in Jason Hudson's SUV.

So far, prosecutors have called close to 70 witnesses, and they are not done. The prosecution may wrap up its side of the case by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.