Protesters chant outside Chicago mayor's house

May 19, 2012 (CHICAGO)

The mayor had a lot of visitors but was not home to receive them, a crowd of 500, maybe more, came to express their displeasure with his decision to close half a dozen mental health clinics.

It started out with 200 to 300 marchers and continued to grow as they walked 20 blobs to the mayor's house.

"The city continues to push the envelope, forcing us to take action," said N'Dana Carter, Mental Health Movement.

The mayor has argued that closing the six centers will save money and improve services by keeping them where they're needed.

The crowd grew in size, walking east on Montrose, passing by Little Leaguers and the curious, then turning on Hermitage, the mayor's street. The mayor was not at home but the police were out in front. Bike officers wore face shields, but no riot gear. Dozens of demonstrators plopped down in the street, offered up speeches about economic inequality and then moved out.

Taking their case directly to the mayor's home, they say, is fair game.

"It's really hard to get to politicians any other way. This is a mayor that works for us," said Gary Harris, Oregon resident.

The neighbors were not too upset.

"It is part of being in a democracy. These things happen," said Lee Lichamer, neighbor.

One of the neighbors was passing out sandwiches and water.

No one was arrested or injured.

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