Homeowners, ComEd assess storm damage

July 2, 2012 (GLEN ELLYN, Ill.)

The situation is so bad, ComEd set up a mobile command center in Lombard.

That fast-moving storm caused all the damage Sunday afternoon and then the dangerous heat moved in.

The Brennan family of Glen Ellyn is among the nearly 60,000 DuPage County residents who remained without power, or answers, Monday night.

"It's sweaty," Pat Brennan said. "It's got to be above 90 in here, it's hot, there's not much air moving around."

"There's no information," said Lisa Brennan. "If you go to Com Ed's website it just says they're still assessing. I heard it could be after the 4th of July."

In Lombard, some are simply sitting in their cars to cool off.

Outages and downed trees and limbs are so prevalent in Wheaton, the community is cancelling its July 3rd fireworks and 4th of July parade.

In most areas, the branches have been brushed aside, but residents have little more to do than sit, sweat and simmer, unless, of course, you have a generator powering the essentials.

Another city struggling with massive damage and power outages tonight is West Chicago, where the Pechmans just moved into their new home.

Less than 24 hours later, the storm hit and knocked down a 100-year-old tree and sending one of its limbs through the bathroom ceiling.

"When the rain finally did subside came out and realized it wasn't just a limb of the tree it was actually the whole tree that was down on the house," Chad Pechman said.

The roof caved in on the second floor of another house across town and the family that lives there is now displaced.

In Northlake, more than 200 residents of a retirement community were back home Monday night after having to evacuate Sunday when the building lost power and the backup generator failed. Electricity was restored Monday morning.

Back at the Brennan's, the only bright side is a darkened home is the perfect place to play.

"We thought maybe try to get through tonight, but after tonight we'll find another place to stay," Pat Brennan said.

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