BP recalling regular unleaded fuel in Northwest Indiana

August 20, 2012 8:16:03 PM PDT
BP is alerting Northwest Indiana fuel distributors that the company is recalling unleaded regular gasoline that was shipped from the company's Whiting fuel storage terminal between August 13th and 17th, ABC7 has learned.

The fuel could cause problems for hundreds of motorists.

The company says it believes that fuel stored in a tank at the storage depot could cause hard starting, stalling and other drivability issues.

ABC7 has been told that the fuel may have been purchased by motorists going to BP and other retail outlets in Northwest Indiana during the past seven days.

Palmer Myers could tell something was wrong immediately when he tried to start his car Monday morning after filling up the gas tank last week.

"I just turned the key over and heard it sputtering," he told ABC7. "I just figured the end is near."

Myers was fortunate. His car did start, though it ran roughly until it warmed up.

The Art Hill Auto Group dealership took in more than a dozen that failed to start Monday. Eventually, mechanics determined it was a problem with the gas.

"It is a bad gas issue -- what part of the gas is bad we don't know at this point," said Tim Schafer, Art Hill Auto Group.

Schafer estimates each car he is fixing, with all the work cleaning out the systems, will cost an average of $1,200. And it's not covered under new car warranties.

"Unfortunately, my wife, she has the same problem with her car," he said. "It's just one thing after another."

  • For more information: BP Customer Hotline (800) 333-3991