Coyote pack attacks suburban pets

September 21, 2012 (WHEATON, Ill.)

Twelve-year-old Jake, a silky terrier is comforted by his owner Sue Reid who is still unnerved about what happened in her yard Thursday night.

"I saw four coyotes circling Jake and when I yelled they looked up at me and then they looked back at Jake," Reid said. "I just ran."

Eventually, two other coyotes were spotted heading towards the Reid's ¾-acre backyard, off the deck between the trampoline and tree.

In a matter of moments all were gone and the 15-month-old Yorkie, Floyd, the dog brought home as a surprise by 12-year-old Kendall Reid, was gone.

"We looked in every direction that the coyotes ran, I looked. I came back in to check on Jake and noticed he was bleeding pretty good, so I grabbed him up and took him with me, and we searched for a little bit longer," Sue Reid said.

The Reids moved here from Colorado seven years ago. There's a sense in their loss that more needs to be done to control coyotes.

"What if that was a child?" Reid said.

Husband Steve Reid is a bit more circumspect about how nature sometimes works, but Friday night, a little girl just wanted her dog back.

"I've been just praying that he'll come home and that he's safe because I really, really miss him," Kendall Reid said.

Wheaton City Council in 2010 passed an ordinance for the trapping and extermination of nuisance coyotes, but experts say that generally coyotes will not come up to people or pets unless they're driven that way, simply because of hunger.

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