Peterson post-trial battle | Attorney: "I love Drew, Drew loves me"

October 4, 2012 (CHICAGO)

Greenberg was fired from the legal team after the former Bolingbrook sergeant was convicted of killing his third wife Kathleen Savio.

After the conversation between Peterson and Greenberg took place, Peterson asked that the motion be continued-- a bizarre twist in the post-trial battle between the defense team.

"I love Drew, and Drew loves me," said Greenberg outside of the courtroom.

The words come as a surprise after the bitter feud and finger-pointing that followed the guilty verdict. Greenberg had accused lead counsel Joel Brodsky of single-handedly losing the trial, while Brodsky had notified Greenberg that Peterson was firing him after the conviction.

"Obviously, from what I understand, he wasn't in the position to make that decision. Maybe he needs some more time to think about it and discuss it with Mr. Brodsky and decide what he's going to do," said Joe Lopez, Peterson attorney.

Joel Brodsky, who calls himself Peterson's lead attorney, was not in court.

ABC 7 News broke the news to Brosdky about his client's decision to keep Greenberg on for now. Brodsky's response was anger laced with profanity.

Later, Brodsky released a written statement from his Chicago office which read, "the reason for the continuance of Mr. Greenberg's motion to withdraw is so that Mr. Peterson can have a confrontation with Mr. Greenberg where all attorney client privileges are in place."

The once media friendly lawyer refused to go on camera and explain what Peterson means by confrontation. Brodsky would only say Greenberg is still fired.

"One attorney cannot fire another attorney. An attorney can certainly fire an attorney that works as his firm and not pay him anymore, but the attorney is still in that case and it is the court gives the attorney leave to withdraw," said Susana Ortiz, IIT Kent School of Law.

Ortiz says the decision to remove an attorney from a case is up to the client only and the judge will ask Peterson in open court if he approves.

Peterson attorneys Joe and Lisa Lopez have stayed out of the infighting, they say.

"We have been playing Malcom in the Middle because the beef was between those two guys. We are in it for whatever is the the best interest of Drew," said Lopez.

Greenberg says that Peterson has asked him not to comment.

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