Door-to-Door Organics, grocery delivery service, specializes in organic, healthy food

October 5, 2012 (CHICAGO)

We've all heard of those delivery services that bring food products directly to your door. But there is a relatively new company in town that that does that, but with a twist. They make sure all the food they bring is organic and good for you. Their goal is to make sure you really "live green."

Here on the border of Chicago and Cicero, there's a veritable assembly line of food products being packed and shipped to people throughout the area. It's all healthy and it's all from a company called Door-to-Door Organics.

"Our mission is to connect people with good food," said Door-to-Doo's location manager Carlos. "Door-to-Door Organics, it's making eating well easy. And good food for us is food that has a positive impact both on your health and on the environment."

Here's how it works: You sign up online and they regularly deliver fresh produce and groceries right to your door. Everything from fruit and vegetables to meat, eggs, milk and cheese, but it's not just any old food.

"We really specialize in organic, natural and local products as well as what people are looking for, we also provide recipes," Collier said. "We give suggestions. You can customize your box. So whatever you are getting in your order, we will give you cross-recipes you can use with those ingredients. So that not only will we give you great food, we will tell you how to prepare it."

All that for usually around $30 or $40 per box, with no contract to sign.

"From that order we will send you an e-mail every Friday, and say 'Hey, Hosea, here's what's coming in your order,' and you customize it however you want," said Collier. "So if there is broccoli in your order, because it's seasonal and it's fresh, but if you don't want it that week, you can swap it out for something that you do want."

And people like Jerome Smith are here to make sure that what you get is the best and freshest available.

"Basically, we are shopping for you," said Smith , who does quality control for the company. "We don't want to give you anything that looks cosmetically bad. So quality control is very important. We exercise it from the moment we get this shipment until the time it gets to the van. We get thousands of pieces and we check each one...If I wouldn't buy it from the grocery story, I wouldn't pick it out for a customer."

And they say that's easier to do because they know exactly where the food is coming from.

"We really focus and target local providers, local farmers, local ranchers, local vendors as much as possible; as much as the climate will allow and again our commitment to is to local and sustainable farming practices," said Collier.

The company is also proud that all of their packaging is recyclable. They leave you a new box, then pick up the old one.

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