ABC7 Exclusive: Brian Dorian campaigns against Will County State's Attorney James Glasgow

October 16, 2012 (CHICAGO)

"I've never campaigned for anything in my life. I don't even know if I'm doing it right," he told ABC7. Watch the entire Dorian interview

What Dorian is doing is sharing his very personal, very painful experience.

"I'm the police officer that the current state's attorney, James Glasgow, falsely accused and locked up. He accused me of being a heinous murderer with no evidence whatsoever," Dorian recently told a resident. "You're kidding," the woman replied.

In 2010, Will County State's Attorney James Glasgow publicly pronounced the Lynwood cop was a killer. He spent nearly five days in jail before investigators checked out Dorian's alibi and realized their eyewitness was wrong.

"The biggest thing people have asked is 'why did they do what they did?' I still don't know," Dorian told a voter. "It's very emotional to for me to talk about it, but I have to do it."

"If they messed up this bad - they didn't dot their 'i's' and cross their 't's' on a high profile case like this - how many other people are sitting behind bars because of an ambitious overzealous prosecutor? How many?" Dorian said.

Glasgow declined to be interviewed for this report, but his office issued a statement saying: "This case was charged based upon compelling evidence detectives developed during an intensive investigation... Ignoring the evidence would have been nothing short of irresponsible during this public safety crisis."

Attorney Dave Carlson, a Republican, represented Dorian two years ago and is now running against Glasgow.

"How it happens in Will County is simple. If the cameras are there, they're going to charge someone with a dramatic crime," said Carlson.

Two years later, Dorian says he's still waiting for an apology from Glasgow.

"Go on the news and speak with as much energy, passion and fervor as you did when you call me a murderer and a psychopath. Get up there with the same energy and tell my family you're sorry! It'll never happen," he said.

Glasgow did address the media the night Dorian was freed, but his spokesman concedes his remarks were not artfully worded. He says there's never been a personal apology because that may have exposed the county to a lawsuit. Dorian is, in fact, sueing.

The real killer was identified after a heroic customer shot him to death during a robbery attempt an Orland Park tanning parlor.

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