Virtual Job Fair: Advice for older workers

November 2, 2012

Also, tips for workers with a lot of experience who are trying to get back into the workforce from Ginny Clarke, Career Management Coach and author of "Career Mapping: Charting Your Course in the New World of Work."

Refresh your personal brand - Perception and reputation do matter, so make sure you reflect vitality, awareness and current competencies. Seek feedback from people across the generations to know how you are perceived. Move in new professional and social circles. Brighten your look with color and an age-appropriate wardrobe, and even drop a few pounds.

Sound current - Don't let the way you speak date you. Retro is in, but lose the "When I was your age…" commentary. Conversely, don't go overboard with hip colloquialisms, but stay abreast of ever-changing language and terminology through the media - social, print, TV and radio - to know what is trending. Reference recent accomplishments as often as possible, describing earlier "wins" as foundational and educational.

Carlos Hranicka I have been laid off since 1994 and I was just wondering if there are any kinds of suggestions as far as what to put down on my resume… volunteer work for part of the time but, not all of it.

TIP: Network strategically - Once you have determined the areas and companies you are interested in, learn to network to gain access to

TIP: Have no shame in your game - You might be feeling embarrassed or ashamed that you didn't see your current situation coming or that you should be farther along in your career at your age. Drop all the "should's" from your vocabulary, focus on what serves you in the here and now, and do that.

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